Fox Theatre

Venue Specs (Download as PDF)

Box Office

  • Our Box Office is conveniently located next door to the main entrance of the Fox Theatre


  • We have two (2) backlit panels, each with 3 lines for a maximum of 28 letters per line
  • 8' lettering available in black only
  • You can use our Marquee to advertise your event and sponsors.


  • This area has wall-to-wall carpeting is approximately 3,700 square feet with a ceiling height of 9' - 26'6"
  • There is one large fully equipped bar and one food concession stand
  • Women's and men's bathrooms, including ADA bathroom
  • A ramp for wheelchair access


  • Semi-private
  • Two (2) staircases for balcony access
  • Wall-to-wall carpeting, approx. 2,400 sq.ft., ceiling height 6'6" - 11'4"
  • Two (2) bars and one (1) food concession stand
  • Women's and men's bathrooms
  • Coat check room, 12' x 16', ceiling height 8', available upon request


  • Fixed heater style seating with comfortable velvet lined chairs
  • Carpeting and concrete flooring, approximately 4,400 square feet
  • Maximum seating capacity for this level is 461


  • Convertible floor space for different type of events including theater style seating to banquet style
  • All concrete flooring, carpet runners, approx. 6,000 sq.ft., ceiling height 8'2" - 46'
  • Orchestra Pit
  • Maximum seating capacity for overall venue is 1280. The total seating capacity on the ground floor is 819.

Green Room

  • Located directly offstage with separate access for greater security control
  • All concrete flooring, 1,520 square feet, 20' x 76', ceiling height 10'
  • Four (4) star dressing rooms, two (2) chorus dressing rooms, all with mirrors and sinks
  • Production office with phone and internet access
  • Lounge area with furniture, full kitchen, laundry room with washer and dryer,
  • Separate bathroom and shower

Projection/Control Room

  • All concrete flooring, 330 square foot, 15' x 22', ceiling height 10'
  • 3' x 14' opening for movie projection
  • One 200 amp single phase Cam Lock system of dedicated power

Main Sound Speakers

20 x Meyer Sound M’elodie (Main L&R)
4 x Meyer Sound 700HP (Sub L&R)
4 x Meyer Sound UPM1P (Front Fill)
5 x Meyer Sound UP4XP (Underbalcony Fill)
1 x Meyer Sound MPS488HP (Remote Power Supply for Underbalcony Fill)
1 x Meyer Sound Galileo Callisto 616 (System Processor)

Front of House

1 x Avid Venue SC48 Mixing console
1 x Denon DNC620 Slotin Broadcast CD Player


Wireless Mics

DI Boxes

2 x Shure SLX124/85/SM58 system with Bodypack, WL-185 lav. and SM58 HH

2 x BSS Active DI Boxes

1 x Countryman E6 EARSET microphone,

4 x Whirlwind DI





1 x Shure MX418S - 18” Podium Mic

2 x AKG C451

1 x Shure Beta 52

2 x AKG C3000b

6 x Shure SM 58

2 x AKG C3000

4 x Shure SM 57


2 x Shure Beta 57


6 x Shure Beta 58

1 x Sennheiser e 602-II

6 x Shure Beta 98

1 x Sennheiser MD 421

2 x Shure KSM 27



Audio Technica


2 x Audio Technica AE3000



Monitors (8 mix + Drum Sub)

8 x Meyer Sound UM1C BiAmped
2 x Meyer Sound UPA1C BiAmped
8 x Meyer Sound M1A Speaker Processor
8 x Crest 7001 AMPS
1 x Meyer Sound M2D SUB Selfpowered

Snake System

1 x Whirlwind 2 way Splitter w/ Fanouts Concert System, 58 x 2, rackmount, transformer isolated

Projection / Video System

40’x26’ Perforated movie screen hung on pipe #2
1 x Barco RLM W12 11,000 Lumen DLP Projector currently fed HDSDI from FOH
1 x Sony BluRay Player @ FOH
1 x Blackmagic Designs HDMI to SDI Heavy Duty Converter


ETC Smartfade ML
2 x ETC SP1220AV Portable Pack w/ 4 Multipin Conn.
CEM + 6D20 dimmer modules
SP1220AV + 12 Channel / 20A Edison & Multipin Pack
6 x ETC Source Four 19 degree Lekos FOH
18 x Par 64 Med FOH on 20.5” x 40’ box truss
24 x Par 64 Med on stage, split between upstage and midstage pipes
6 x High End Studio Spot 250 on midstage pipe

House lights

ETC Unison Rack Dimmer with 2 Button station
The House Lights are: 8 x ETC source Four Pars


7 x 2ch belt packs
1 x SAP
2 x call beacon
2 x Hand Sets
2 x Light weight Headsets
6 x Double muff Headsets
Hard wired patch points throughout the theatre


Proscenium Opening 40’ wide by 28’ high
All hardwood flooring
Stage Height 39” above seating area
28’ feet deep by 83’ wide including the wings offstage left and right
Grid height is 56’
Black velour drape upstage. Red Austrian drape (can go on any pipe). Three sets of black velour legs. Two black velour borders.


Lighting, Video, Sound all have dedicated 200 amp 3 phase Systems w/ Cam Lock tiein
15ft. 100 amp 5 wire cam to 15 x 20 amp Edison distribution box

Loading Door

Door is 5’ wide by 14’ high and is 22 inches above the outside ground.
One semi truck at a time load and unload


10” deep steel Ibeams that span 26 feet over the stage area the entire width of the stage and wings, spaced every 10’.

Counterweight Fly System

19 linesets total
500 lbs per lineset


ask for complete list

Venue CAD Files